Wednesday, December 1, 2010


assalamualaikum and a very good evening to all my readers.... here at uniten, in the morning till afternoon the weather is blazing hot. whereas on the evening, a little bit rain and storm. but when i wrote this, the weather had came back to normal. argh..... i suppose it had been a week since my last post. what to say? what to write? what to tell?

well, first of all, i'm back to uniten already on last sunday. i'm coming back for my degree in Bachelor of Electrical Power. its been 3 days of my degree and i'm quite sad because : 1) waiting for my car. my father still need to service the car because the 'ferrari' need to travel far to come here... ha3.... but i can tell you guys that after i get the car, i will be independent once again like i used to be at mrsm pc.... :)

2) i apply course electric power and this sem i got 2 math subject that i already learnt starting my 1st day, yet i learnt nothing about electric yet because the lecturer is busy... i' boring to death lar... i really wish to learn about electric asap to reduce my boringness in math... the math subject that i'm taking this sem is advanced calculus and differential equation.

Advanced calculus this sem about coordinate in 3-dimension, which is so hard to imagine..... while DE about differentiation of course.... thats all i got to say this time, Hopefully that i will become less lazy to write in my blog....

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