Monday, November 22, 2010

No : ONE

First time i write on this blog. Feel boring actually cause i'm not a person that love to write. But after watching many of my friend and family create a blog, then i said to myself, "why don't i make a blog for myself, i can share with many of my friend all my experience and so that my long long friend who miss me will know wether i'm still RIP or still alive... :)

Just kidding. Actually i also want to improve my english skill since i'm not so good in English. I still remember during my secondary school at MJSC Pengkalan Chepa, i got a lot of red coloured in my essay paper in english class. Ha3... that time, only Allah know how tension am i cause i'm weak in grammar. but somehow, alhamdulillah i still manage to get A in english subject in SPM.

Actually before this, i already make a blog under different URL, but because of my 'hardworking' in study,  the blog remain empty after 3 years!!! ha3... A few weeks before, my email is, but then i think that URL is little bit childish cause actually the email come from harrypotter and whitelighter. To short it, it then become harrylighter. Why choose that? lets just say that when i was 'small', i want to be like them. Harry Potter i see a kid that is matured beyond his age. then whitelighter, actually a character in Charmed, a movie series about 3 witch that is siblings, and whitelighter as their guardian and as their healer. Cool rite? but of course, it is only a fiction. thats why now i change my primary email as . much grown up right? (hope so). so guys, if you have anything to ask me, just email me. ok, thats all for my first post. see you later.

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