Monday, November 22, 2010


Just received call from my coordinator that is my lecturer Miss Farhaniza. She said that all of us need to register in Uniten for degree semester 1 this Monday. Wow, after 6 weeks on holiday, i feel like a blink. actually i do not really holiday. for first 2 weeks, i went back to my home. what did i do? well, easy. sleep, eat hanging out with my baby, sleep eat, hanging out with my baby and constantly repeating. but of course, other basic requirement i did do also.

then after 2 weeks, i decided to go to kuantana cause i miss my niece and my nephew. then while staying there, my uncle asked me to work by helping by brother-in-law to do his report on the site. work?. how to explain it, most of the time, i just loitering around the office cause i can't do the job without my brother staying beside me. and of course, he can't just be around me, cause his worker need him more. so while waiting, i download A LOT of movie.... after this i'm goin to share with u guys how i got all of this movie.

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