Wednesday, December 1, 2010


assalamualaikum and a very good evening to all my readers.... here at uniten, in the morning till afternoon the weather is blazing hot. whereas on the evening, a little bit rain and storm. but when i wrote this, the weather had came back to normal. argh..... i suppose it had been a week since my last post. what to say? what to write? what to tell?

well, first of all, i'm back to uniten already on last sunday. i'm coming back for my degree in Bachelor of Electrical Power. its been 3 days of my degree and i'm quite sad because : 1) waiting for my car. my father still need to service the car because the 'ferrari' need to travel far to come here... ha3.... but i can tell you guys that after i get the car, i will be independent once again like i used to be at mrsm pc.... :)

2) i apply course electric power and this sem i got 2 math subject that i already learnt starting my 1st day, yet i learnt nothing about electric yet because the lecturer is busy... i' boring to death lar... i really wish to learn about electric asap to reduce my boringness in math... the math subject that i'm taking this sem is advanced calculus and differential equation.

Advanced calculus this sem about coordinate in 3-dimension, which is so hard to imagine..... while DE about differentiation of course.... thats all i got to say this time, Hopefully that i will become less lazy to write in my blog....

Monday, November 22, 2010


Just received call from my coordinator that is my lecturer Miss Farhaniza. She said that all of us need to register in Uniten for degree semester 1 this Monday. Wow, after 6 weeks on holiday, i feel like a blink. actually i do not really holiday. for first 2 weeks, i went back to my home. what did i do? well, easy. sleep, eat hanging out with my baby, sleep eat, hanging out with my baby and constantly repeating. but of course, other basic requirement i did do also.

then after 2 weeks, i decided to go to kuantana cause i miss my niece and my nephew. then while staying there, my uncle asked me to work by helping by brother-in-law to do his report on the site. work?. how to explain it, most of the time, i just loitering around the office cause i can't do the job without my brother staying beside me. and of course, he can't just be around me, cause his worker need him more. so while waiting, i download A LOT of movie.... after this i'm goin to share with u guys how i got all of this movie.

No : TWO

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to all you. today is the second day i'm going to write on my new blog. After writing the last post, one day i think what the hell am i suppose to put content in this blog? my life? nay, so boring lar.... then i started to think that since i'm a movie maniac, why don't i put review on all the movie that i had watched and also new movie that i'm going to watch. maybe this is a good idea since i can help you by buying best movie only.... cewahh.... ha3...

then i'm also thinking to put review on any interesting gadget right now, of course computer and etc.... but  still, how am i going to attract you guys to read my blog? so guys, if you have any thing interesting idea on how to make my blog even more attractive, just leave your comment below.... see you

No : ONE

First time i write on this blog. Feel boring actually cause i'm not a person that love to write. But after watching many of my friend and family create a blog, then i said to myself, "why don't i make a blog for myself, i can share with many of my friend all my experience and so that my long long friend who miss me will know wether i'm still RIP or still alive... :)

Just kidding. Actually i also want to improve my english skill since i'm not so good in English. I still remember during my secondary school at MJSC Pengkalan Chepa, i got a lot of red coloured in my essay paper in english class. Ha3... that time, only Allah know how tension am i cause i'm weak in grammar. but somehow, alhamdulillah i still manage to get A in english subject in SPM.

Actually before this, i already make a blog under different URL, but because of my 'hardworking' in study,  the blog remain empty after 3 years!!! ha3... A few weeks before, my email is, but then i think that URL is little bit childish cause actually the email come from harrypotter and whitelighter. To short it, it then become harrylighter. Why choose that? lets just say that when i was 'small', i want to be like them. Harry Potter i see a kid that is matured beyond his age. then whitelighter, actually a character in Charmed, a movie series about 3 witch that is siblings, and whitelighter as their guardian and as their healer. Cool rite? but of course, it is only a fiction. thats why now i change my primary email as . much grown up right? (hope so). so guys, if you have anything to ask me, just email me. ok, thats all for my first post. see you later.